Friday, April 11, 2014

Lucrative Lip Gloss

I grew up during the time of Lipstick and matching Lip Liners, and therefore have always used them. I hated the feel of lip gloss, it was sticky and nasty feeling and so I refused to wear it!

Then along came Younique!  As part of our fall 2013 product release Younique developed and released 10 shades of the Lucrative Lip Gloss, and I love them as much as all the other products!!  This is what the website says about Lucrative:

Lucrative Lip Gloss

A rich spread of color, very smooth and highly-pigmented -- bright, bold, or subtle -- collect all ten shades! Flaunt your assets! Pout, pucker, or smile -- it's all good! You bring the attitude; we'll bring the shine! Lucrative Lip Gloss brings a whole new meaning to top-of-the-line lip service!
Luscious; and

One of the things I LOVE is that each Lip Gloss has a little mirror right on the side of the tube, so you can apply or reapply anytime, anywhere!
They sell for only $15 each in the USA ($18 in Canada - and beginning in May $20 in Australia); they are also available in sets of 3 ($40 US/$48 CAD/$52 AUS) and complete set of all 10 colors with a signature Black Case ($119 US/$140 CAD/ $150 AUS)
In the past when I have tried different Lip Glosses I have often disliked the feel of them, they were sticky and my lips felt just plain awful when I wore them.  I can honestly say that with the Lucrative Lip Gloss that is not an issue! There is not sticky feeling and I love the way they go on and the look of them when I wear them! 
Lucrative Lip Gloss in Livid
My Absolute FAVORITE color is the Livid! It is So Gorgeous when applied, however, I wear them all depending on my mood and what I am wearing that day!

If you like lip gloss you will LOVE Younique's Lucrative Lip Gloss collection! As always feel free to check out my site and try them for yourself!!