Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Younique - The Company

I joined Younique on October 20, 2012, before they had product.  I am proud to be Founding presenter #83. At that time the presenter kit included business cards and product cards, but no product at all!  It also included only 3 months of Free website, after that it was going up to $10 a month.

I have been involved with several Direct Sells companies in my life and can honestly say that I have never spoken to my sponsors or been trained by them or had the opportunity to meet and interact with the founders of the company.  

Younique is truly unique is the way they interact with the presenters.  The co-founders each send out weekly emails to all the presenters that include statistics on our company sales and incentives.

They have committed themselves to the company mission statement wholeheartedly and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that we all succeed!  

The perks of being a presenter with Younique are ever changing.  After less than a year in business they decided that the gap between status advancements was to large. To remedy that they reduced the requirements to reach each status and added a status! 

The newest change they made is to the website fee.  Since most direct sales companies pay for website design services they must charge a fee for the maintenance or they would never make any money! Younique does not have that problem!

Derek is a software designer and is the man that created the software used by companies like Scentsy and several others.  He and his team have designed the Younique websites and handle all the changes and repairs as needed, no outside company is needed.  Therefore they alone can offer a FREE website to all presenters forever!!  That is roughly a $120 yearly value!! 

There will never be a charge associated with being a presenter one the initial kit is purchased. There are no auto shipments requirements and there never will be. 

I LOVE YOUNIQUE because they care about the success of their presenters! 
I LOVE YOUNIQUE because they are continually rewarding their presenters and our customers with special gifts!  
I LOVE YOUNIQUE because they believe in transparency and they do their best to keep their presenters informed on what is happening at Corporate headquarters.
Mostly I LOVE YOUNIQUE because of the family feeling, the co-founders are amazing people, and their mother and sisters, who are part of my up line, are the kindest most amazing women!

This company has made me change who I am for the better! I have always been a little shy, but I am now doing events and talking to strangers, and I owe it all to Younique!! 

Their confidence in me makes me believe that I can succeed! The success I have seen my sponsor and others in the company reach shows me that it is possible and I am determined to succeed! 


Join my team and you can succeed as well!  www.youniquebypamela.com

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