Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stains

OMG!!!!! I Honestly never thought I would like let alone LOVE a Lip Stain!  Now I LOVE 7 of them!!

My past experiences with lip stains have left me wanting a better product.  My lips always felt extremely dry and rough after using a stain. They never lasted as long as promised and would fade or disappear completely before I finished my cup of coffee and they never made it to lunch let alone dinner - I hated them!!!

Well now Younique has introduced 7 Magnificent Lip Stains; from the Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain product line you can choose from 7 of the most amazing shades that do not dry out your lips!  I will be honest and say that these stains do not last all day on me, but they do last till lunch which is better than any I have used before.  On most people they last all day, but I mess with my mouth and am always drinking water or coffee or something all day long, so on me I have to reapply after lunch so I have it the rest of the day.  I am OK with that since it is only once and not every hour! 

The Seven colors include:Shy; Sappy; Skittish; Saucy; Savvy; Sleek; and Sultry!

I never thought I would like some of these colors, Savvy is PURPLE, and Skittish is practically florescent pink - but they all look great on everyone (in my opinion anyway).  This is a fellow presenter who is awesome and shared her amazing photos modeling all the colors - she looks great!

 This is me - I am not nearly as photogenic, but in the first on I am wearing Sultry, and LOVE this Color! But then I tried Savvy and OMG my lips look Awesome in purple! LOL  I have tried them all and will not bore you with more of my horrid selfies but they all look just as wonderful, even Skittish!!

So long story short, if you like Lip Stains you will LOVE these and if you don't like Lip Stains I believe you will LOVE these.  Keep in mind these, like all our other products, are covered by our Love it Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!!

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