Thursday, November 21, 2013

My 1st Event - The Holiday Market Place

Was awake all night with a horrible headache, the meds are really not working much so I decided not to go to work today; and since I cant sleep I decided it was time to tell you all about my first event for Younique, so here goes.

November 9th and 10th was the Mat-Su Holiday Market Place, the first time I have ever had a booth at an event!  I was completely terrified! LOL  I managed to speak with just about everyone that stopped in, which if you knew me you would know is a big deal!

The space was 10 X 8 and cost $300 so at the suggestion of my sponsor, the amazing Nichole, I divided the 2 days into 2 shifts each and then put out the call on our Team Diva Facebook group for anyone that would like to take a shift.  The response was amazing and we ended up with 2 or 3 presenters per shift and split the cost between us all!

The event theme was "Owl be Home for Christmas" and we were supposed to decorate in keeping with that theme, so the incredible Haley, a team member and friend, took it upon herself to help me figure out the decorations.  Our booth was amazing and looked absolutely beautiful!

Our booth without our products set up, they were added the next morning at the start of the event!
I did not get any photos, never even thought about it! However, Haley got several, including the one above, taken the night before the event, and the one below showing me, the plus size one and Amanda, a friend and fellow presenter.

I was way to broke to take a lot of product with me for sale, but I had one of everything on display with brushes so people could feel the quality of them and see how the pigments and concealers applied.  I also had sponges so they could try out the BB Flawless if they wanted to, and of course had the little spoon there so if they wanted to feel the Brilliant Moisturizer they could.

I took 50 catalogs with me and gave out most of them! The event had a lot of people in attendance and we had a steady flow through our booth.  I had decided that since it was my first event and I really wanted to draw people in the door prize would be a complete collection, the Eyes Have it Collection:
The Eyes Have it Collection by Younique

Everyone that stopped in loved the products and I sold what little I had on hand.  I ended up with over 50 contacts and 4 of those wanted information on the business opportunity and possibly having a party!

Of those that stopped in I have had a couple of orders and some emailed questions, so I am hoping that more turn into orders!

I have made contact with those that were interested in the opportunity and am giving them a few days to review the information I sent them and then I will phone them to follow up and answer any questions they have.

I am hoping that they all decide to join my team!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my first event, and have already registered for next years event.  There are several things I would do differently next time, they include: get a bigger spot if possible, Take a chair for when I really need a break!; try and have samples available (as soon as corporate gets more in I will be purchasing them) and try to have flyers with a summery of the opportunity, just in case someone wants to take one with them, and pick up one of those gel mats that Chef's stand on, so that I am not so sore by the end of my shifts!

My next event is this coming Saturday, and is a one day small bazaar at a the Finger Lake Elementary School. This time I will either be on my own, or with my sister, who just recently signed up under me, and my brother is coming along to do a fund raiser for my nephews baseball team, so he can get a jump on next season! 

I have purchased a tiny little Christmas tree and have taken my tester size products and made them into little ornaments, I have a purple table cloth and 4 winter white cloth napkins that I will use to lay out some of the products on.  I am also taking some tall purple votive holders that I have that will work great to hold the brush sets next to the cases that my pigments will be setting on.   This time I have a lot more product on hand to sell!

I am excited and hope that this will generate even more interest and hopefully more team members!

I learned that I will not succeed unless I get outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis and that as scared as I am I can do it and it will be so good for me! Just like this blog has been outside my comfort zone, but something I am learning that I do enjoy and is good for me! Everything I can do to grow and succeed it worth doing!

As always Thanks for reading! I hope you day is full of new adventures outside your comfort zone!


  1. Reading this helped so much :) Thank you for this blog Pamela.

  2. Thank you!! I am so happy it helped!!

  3. Just booked my first Younique event. Searching for ideas I came across your blog. Thanks for posting
    Toni Fancher

    1. Yay!!! You will do great!! Not sure how long you have been with Younique, but welcome!! I am so glad you found this useful, I do events at least once a month now and love them!! Good luck!!

  4. Came across this searching for ideas on table set up! Have first event on Saturday (roller derby!) and SO nervous. I am so out of my comfort level too but honestly the amazing products are helping with the confidence! I am doing the event alone, thankfully it's just 4 hours and I suspect the majority of the crowd will be focusing on the games. Looking forward to getting a little experience as I have a lot of events booked for the coming months, including a bridal expo!!!! I want to thank you for writing this, it was very helpful to get a bit of perspective after a first event. Hopefully the events you've had since have been nothing short of amazing. Take care!

    1. You will have so much fun! Events are now my most favorite thing to do! I try to do at least 1 every month, along with in home parties which are so much fun! I have found that being in front of the tables and not taking a chair is a great thing! People are more likely to approach and look at the lashes if you are out front and greeting them as the walk by. I always try to have a bag or bowl of candy around to lure in the kids and their moms! Works great!! Have fun and I cant wait to hear how it goes!

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