Friday, May 16, 2014

Younique's Touch Foundations! LOVE THEM!!

I finally received my Mineral Touch Cream Foundation and Mineral Touch Pressed Powder Foundations and OMG do I LOVE THEM!!!

When I ordered the colors that I needed were on back order so instead of receiving them at the same time I received them in separate orders, which was actually wonderful! 

I always wear my BB Flawless and then have been using the Fabulous Concealer as my foundation and have loved it; but now I am even happier!!!

I received the Touch Pressed Powder Foundation in Taffeta first.  I followed my normal routine of applying Glorious Face and Eye Primer, followed by my BB Flawless in Bisque, then used Fabulous Concealer on those spots that needed it.  Then instead of using the Concealer all over as normal, I applied the Touch Pressed Powder Foundation and WOW!  The coverage was amazing!! and the finish was literally flawless!!

It lasted all day and I did not get the cakey feeling and look between my eyes that I normally get from everything!  I completely LOVE the way it feels on my face, it is light and does not feel like I am wearing anything!

At this point, my set of the Touch Cream and Pressed Powder Foundations in Organza arrived.  I tend to be a little on the pale side and this looked to be an exact match; however, having recently been on Maui for a vacation I am a little darker than normal.

I went through my standard routine and then applied the Touch Cream Foundation in Organza, it went on smoothly and had great coverage, it was a little lighter than I needed, but still gave amazing coverage; I then used the Pressed Powder in Taffeta so I did not look so pale.

Once again I was pleased with the coverage, the feel, and the staying power of this product! It lasted all day, and late into the night and still look perfect.  The key with this is the same as with any makeup, finding the correct color!

I should be receiving Velour which is in between Organza and Taffeta so it should be perfect for me!  I am working on figuring out a way to send samples of these amazing products, but have not yet mastered it! Once I do I will update this post on how to request a sample.  Until then feel free to shop from my site, or any of my fellow presenters sites, and order yours today, with Younique's Love It Guarantee you can't go wrong!!

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