Thursday, June 25, 2015

Staying Positive in the face of Daily Struggles

We all live with daily struggles, some are small and some a large! Over the last couple of months mine have seemed very large!  I know on the grand scheme of things, they are relatively small but for me that are HUGE!  As a single woman, my struggles are mainly Financial, I never seem to have enough money to cover everything that I need to pay so I am always late on something.  Truthfully it sucks!!

I work full time, 40+ hours a week, at a job that I used to love, and now dread.  I am no longer happy with my position or doing the same stuff day after day after day.   I know this will change, I know that I have a great position with an amazing income for someone with only a high school GED and limited college.  I am just in a funk that I cant seem to dig myself out of, but I WILL, I always do!

In August 2013 I made the conscious decision to attend the first ever Younique Convention, and I LOVED IT!  I do not regret that decision one bit, however, the money it took for me to get there, that should have went to pay bills instead, is a mistake that i have not yet been able to fix. Around this same time, my refrigerator died, my dishwasher died, and then shortly there after my Washer and Dryer both died. and I got behind on some payments, and then somehow I was a month or two or more late on everything!  I have tried to catch up and for the last 2 years I just keep falling further and further behind!  

Almost 5 months ago my friends decided to take the trip to Mexico that I had been asking them to take for several years, but I did not have the funding to go, so they went without me.  I was so happy for them and so very pissed at myself for letting my situation get to that point!  I pulled a copy of my credit report from every agency and made up a spreadsheet that outlined everything. I then estimated what my pay check would be for every payday between then and the end of the year.  I went through all my expenses, and changed what utilities I could to save money, then budgeted out how much I would have extra each month to put towards my debts.

At this point I was confident that I could get a handle on it within a year.  Then I got the court summons from an attorney hired by one the collection agencies.  That took me to my knees instantly!  I reevaluated my plans with them being the first priority, and contacted them to start payments.  Luckily it was small and I had three pay checks in May so I paid them off with the last check in May.  I also paid off my car, Yipee!!!

I reevaluated my spread sheet and had a plan in place to start on the next set of bills, while saving for the next convention and was feeling so much better, then I was hit by another court summons from another collection agency!  I have now once again set up a payment plan, not for the one I had intended to pay off next, but for the one that took me to court! My financial life is a mess!!! and because of it, I am sick all the time! My health is at risk because of the stress and fear that I am dealing with on a daily basis!

By now I am sure you are wondering why I am telling you all this, I mean really why would you care about my financial struggles?  Sometimes I don't even care!! 

Well through this all I have had Younique!  My small income from my Younique business has allowed me to still go to the movies with my friends once in a while, go to lunch, or dinner or heck even just buy groceries, and gas for my car!  Without my Younique income, which is very small because I have not built a team and do not work it like I should, I would be asking my family for help with groceries, or going to the food bank for whatever I could get from them.  But through all of this, my posts on facebook and the way I interact with people is positive!  I am trying to stay positive and in order to do so, I act positive in everything I do!!

Some posts something negative on my wall - Delete! - Someone says something negative about someone or something - Ignored! - A fellow presenter makes a negative comment in our group about the company, Delete - My LIFE has no room for negativity, I WILL NOT live that way any longer!  I WILL SUCCEED! I WILL OVERCOME my financial difficulties and I WILL turn my daily struggles into daily TRIUMPHS!!  

You are what you do and believe and I BELIEVE THAT POSITIVITY BREEDS POSITIVITY and negativity breeds negativity, which would you rather have in your life?

Younique has been such a blessing to me, and now I get to go on a Jamaica Cruise for FREE with a friend, so that I can get that time away that I so desperately need.  I know that after this vacation, I will be back to loving my job and my life and all my daily struggles will seem just a little smaller. 

I will continue to pay off the debts and work my Younique business, while focusing on my health.   I will continue to assist my customers to best of my ability and train my team to do the same! 

I also know that no matter what the lord has in store for me I will face it with a positive attitude! 

Stay Positive my friends!!!


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