Monday, September 30, 2013

Me and Makeup!

I have never been that into makeup - I like it, I just never really wore much of it, unless I had a meeting to attend or a job interview, then I would attempt to "paint" my face to cover any flaws. 

When I was around 19 I went for my first Glamor shot, the woman who did my makeup told me how I should apply eye shadows that would compliment my eye color and shape, that was in the 80's! I have done my makeup the EXACT same way ever since!  I have worn Browns and Creams every time I put on eye makeup from the age of 19 until I was 43!

When I joined Younique there was no products, at that time they were planning on selling beauty and fashion items.  Since that time the company has switched focus for fashion to strictly high end mineral cosmetics.  They launched on November 1, 2012 with 10 Moodstruck Mineral Pigments that all shimmered, 3D Fiber Lashes, Eye Brushes, and a couple of fashion items that went away rather quickly.

The vibrant colors of the pigment TERRIFIED me; I had no clue how I was going to sell some of these colors to people if they scared me so much that I had not even worn them!  I of course started with my "Safe" Colors and immediately loved Daring, Confident, and Curious; then I started to play and started using Dignified instead of Confident. Then one Saturday morning, I was playing with the colors and decided to match the shirt I was wearing to dinner that night and I used Devious, Regal, and Feisty!

In spring 2013 they added the Matte finish pigments, along with blushes and concealers.  I have now started playing with all of them, and LOVE the combination of Infatuated with Sexy, Gorgeous and Heartbroken!

I now play with all the colors and today I actually wore Awestruck - a BLUE for only the 2nd time since I was in high school, and I loved it! 

These pigment go on so nicely and can be applied wet, or dry; they can be used for hair chalk; or they can be mixed with clear polish or clear lip gloss for custom colors.  They can also be blended together for that custom color to you want to match whatever you are wearing. 

I have totally become a makeup snob and will not wear anything else! What's more is that I actually wear it almost every day!

Check them out for your self and I know you will love them all as much as I do! contact me if you would like a sample, I would be happy to provide you a couple of colors to try!

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