Sunday, October 6, 2013

Highlighting and Contouring

I must admit that I had heard of highlighting and contouring but had no idea what it was and how it could improve a persons appearance. 

Melanie, Younique Co-founder, did a conference call and talked about highlighting and contouring and had these photos:

She described each photo and talked about how you contour and highlight using the Younique products.


I had no clue what she was saying, so I listen again and again.

Previous to this conference call Corporate has announced that we would be having our first ever convention!

It was a tough decision, financially the convention was reasonable, but, I live paycheck to paycheck, so the decision to go cost me greatly! I am so glad that I took that step, however, more of the convention will come in a later post, this is about Highlighting and Contouring.

At convention, Corporate had arranged to have a wonderful makeup artist, Cherise Weymann, at the convention to teach a couple of classes, one of which was on Highlighting and Contouring.

Cherise Weymann
Professional Makeup Artist, Cherise Weymann, received her certification and formal accreditation in Makeup Artistry from the Acadia School of Aesthetics in 2010.
In 2009, Cherise had the opportunity to work as the Head Makeup Artist on the music video, "I'll Love You Anyway." In addition to makeup artistry, Cherise possesses many other remarkable artistic talents and abilities including drawing, painting, interior decorating and design. Her dedicated desire and passion in makeup artistry is rooted in her love of helping woman look and feel beautiful.
Cherise has a thriving business and a large clientele base based solely on word of mouth and she is booked out weeks in advance with a majority of her work in film, on-set model photography projects, and special events. She enjoys working with professional actors and singers on film and music videos, but her real joy comes from working one-on-one with everyday people teaching them how to bring out their own beauty through makeup artistry.

The class was amazing! I learned so much! This link Highlighting & Contouring is a compilation of the three classes showing the process on 3 Younique Presenters.  The before and after looks were wonderful in person!

This photo is one example of how this technique and great makeup can do wonders!  The photo was from facebook, I do not know who the model is or what products are being used but the results are simple outstanding.

So Highlighting and Contouring is the secret we all should know!  Visit and pickup the products you need to try this yourself! You can also find looks in our one of a kind "look book" or upload your own looks!


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! A blog is way outside my comfort zone so I have tried my best! I am so glad you are find the information useful!!

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