Sunday, October 13, 2013

Younique Virtual Parties!

I do not like to be the center of attention, so standing in front of a lot of people trying to talk is like having a tooth pulled without numbing it first. I am sure this is the primary reason that my past adventures in direct sales did not amount to much at all. 

I join Younique on a whim after reading the company mission statement; and then I learned that they intended to market primarily through social media! I was so excited to learn that they would be pioneering the concept of "Virtual Parties" instead of in home parties!  

How many of you know what a Virtual Party is?   I  truthfully had no clue what it really was, I have since learned that it means you can invite friends from all over the US and Canada to attend and you do not have to clean the house or prepare snacks and drinks!

The Younique Virtual Parties and an ever evolving concept.  When the company launched no direct sales companies were doing an entirely virtual party, so most people still do not understand just what it is.  The platform for the Virtual Party started out as a Facebook event, several presenters are experimenting with using Facebook groups and Google Hangouts. The biggest obstacle is getting the guests engaged. 

A Younique virtual party can last up to 10 days, and since it is virtual getting the guests to participate can be challenging. 

My fellow presenters have created numerous virtual party games to encourage participation, these include: Pigment Bingo; Earning points for participation or ordering, etc.; guess the lip gloss; and guess the 3D lashes, and a few others.

The key is to have a very active Hostess! If your hostess is posting photos and videos of herself using the products, and tagging her friends in pigments, lip gloss, or other product photos, then her friends will comment and join in the party more often. 

I have also found that if you talk it up and post a lot of information and set a specific date and time for the "Party" then the guests get a little more involved.  If they all know that everyone should be online at 7pm on Saturday night for the party, you can then use the group chat feature, or even go as far as using Skype or video conferencing to hold you party. 

One of my favorite things about the Younique Virtual Party is that if you have a guest that places an order on day 1 or even day 3 of a party, their order will ship usually within 48 hours, so she will receive her products before the 10 day party is over, she can then post photos and comments about the products she order to help get the other guests excited.

Younique has amazing Hostess rewards (in the form of Younique Cash and 1/2 priced items) based on party points, that allow guests from the US and Canada (and next year the UK and Australia) to shop from the same party.  The amount of the free product, (Younique Cash) earned goes up based on the total party points.  The hostess has 1 year from the date her party closes to use her Younique Cash and 1/2 priced items.

You can schedule your party by contacting me at or on my site and

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