Monday, October 28, 2013

My First In-Home Makeup Party!!

My sister joined my team a week ago and yesterday we did a launch party in the home of one of her best friends since childhood. It was so much fun!!

My sister, Trish, is not a sells person, she joined so that she would have the complete set of testers to take with her on her upcoming Mexican Cruise.  I on the other hand think she would be great and could actually supplement her husbands retirement income with Younique!

I have never done an in home party and since Trish is so new to the product, even though she was the Presenter for this party I took on that roll and let her be a guest. It was great for both of us!  I was able to talk about all our amazing products, and everyone including Trish learned a little bit about them. 

I took with me my entire tester set, as well as all the full size pigments, 4 sets of fiber lashes, my 3 complete sets of brushes, along with disposable mascara brushes, disposable spatulas for the brilliant, disposable eye shadow applicators and disposable lip gloss wands.  I also brought makeup remove wipes. mirrors and little painters pallets.

At each place at the table I set: A pallet, and a mirror, I then put the disposable items in the center of the table, along with all 3 sets of the brushes, the Glorious Primer, and the Refreshed Rose Water.  Trish brought her brushes so she used those.  In addition to the Hostess, there were 4 guests, and Trish, so a total of 6 spots. 

The guests were given the opportunity to test out Awake first, and then we moved on to Brilliant.  From there some tried the BB Flawless, while others went straight to the Concealers.  Those that started with the concealers decided quickly to wash their faces again and try out the BB Flawless. One guest even tried out highlighting and contouring and did an amazing job for the first time! From there we went on to the Blushers; and a little goes a long way!  These were all placed in the pallets for easy access and mixing or blending of colors.

Through-out the afternoon I told them of the different ways the products could be used and using my own pallet I demonstrated mixing them with the Rose water, and blending with other colors to get a custom one.

Then the fun really began, and we started with the Moodstruck Mineral Pigments.  I started it off by giving each of them a catalog, opened to the Moodstruck Pigments, and asking them to select the colors they wanted to play with.  Each quests picked the colors they wanted and we placed small amounts in the painters pallets.

While they were choosing the colors, using the back of my hand and Regal, I showed them the different ways to apply the pigments, in one spot I applied Regal dry, then I applied it over primer, and then wet.  They were able to see how light the pigment went on when dry, the little bit darker tone when used with primer and the deep dark tone when wet with the rose water. 

As they played with the pigments, I showed them how they could use the pigments as Hair Chalk by applying Regal to some of my curls.

They all applied, removed, applied, removed and applied again, playing with several different looks and colors. Then they tried the lashes! 4 of them fell in love immediately, and purchased them along with other products.

Finally we moved on to the lip gloss - I put all the lip glosses on top of my black Younique Case so they could see them and gave them each several disposable wands to play with.  During this I also took my Heartbroken  pigment and showed them how the Pigments could also be used as a lip gloss, I applied Heartbroken to my wet lips and let it dry, I then applied Loyal clear lip gloss over the top.

In the end everyone had a great time, Barbara earned some great Hostess rewards, Trish earned her first Younique Commissions, I was able to share a product I love with 5 ladies they were not familiar with Younique, and have a couple of potential recruits!

I had so much fun!! If there is anyone in the Palmer or Wasilla area that sees my blog and would like to schedule and in-home makeup party, contact me!! I can be reached by email at or through the "Contact Me" link on my website at

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